Corbin Olson (UMary)


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Taylor Johnson (UND)



Emily Frigaard (UND)



Isaac Balmer (UND)


Social Media Coordinator:

Briana Farnsworth (UMary)


NDSSIG email:

About SSIG:

 "The object of the North Dakota Student Special Interest Group is to serve its members by facilitating networking and promote involvement among North Dakota physical therapy students, physical therapy assistant students, and new professionals in order to develop a professional network, optimize students’ skills, strengthen their knowledge base, and refine their interests.  

Goals of the ND SSIG are to:

Promote and foster communication between PT students, PTA students, and young professions.

Promote leadership of students within the APTA and APTA ND.

Advocate for the profession of physical therapy.

To increase membership and active participation pre and post-graduation in the APTA ND and APTA.

To encourage and facilitate the opportunity for PT and PTA students to network and engage with young professionals in order to build a mentoring relationship.

Membership in the ND SSIG shall be open to all SPT and SPTA members of the Chapter enrolled in a Physical Therapy or Physical Therapy Assistant education program in the state of North Dakota, with the addition of SPTA members attending Northland Community and Technical College students in East Grand Forks, MN. 

APTA North Dakota Distinguished Student Scholar Certificate Requirements: 

Distinguished Scholar Certificate Requirements.pdf

In order to receive this certificate, students must have credits from each tier for a total of 100 credits. Additional opportunities to earn credit are possible and at the discretion of the APTA-ND board vice president and the SSIG board. 

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