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Managing Cervicothoracic Conditions in Clinical Practice: Excelling at the Basics of Manual physical therapy.

Dates: Friday April 19th, 2024 - Saturday April 20th, 2024

Location: University of Jamestown PT Program, 4190 26th Ave S Fargo, ND 58104

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Course description: This person-centered continuing education course aims to empower healthcare professionals with the foundational skills and knowledge needed to effectively manage conditions in the cervicothoracic region with manual therapy.  This course will equip you with comprehensive assessment techniques to safely perform evidence-based manual therapy interventions at the cervicothoracic region while enhancing clinical reasoning.  You will strengthen your clinical competencies through interactive learning and case-based discussions, fostering a patient-centered approach for optimal outcomes in managing cervicothoracic conditions.  Demonstrating and practicing manual therapy interventions and investigating the mechanisms behind those interventions is  crucial part of the course.  Understanding the mechanisms behind clinical interventions will allow you to identify which patient presentations are best suited for manual therapy as well as educate patients on its risks and benefits.  This course will include discussions on clinical decision-making of cervicothoracic patient presentations through case examples, performance of medical screening assessments and manual therapy interventions, and refining your clinical decision-making regarding evidence-informed intervention strategies that put the emphasis on your patient's unique needs and goals.

SMT-1:  High-Velocity Low-Amplitude Thrust Manipulation of Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar and SI Joints”

Dates: Saturday October 12th - Sunday October 13th, 2024

Location: Bismarck, ND

Course Description: More details to follow!

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